Artist Statement




     The majority of my work consists of a multitude of technical applications with a concentration in mold making and casting.  I am intrigued by the challenge of creating a sculptural form as well as designing a mold that will ultimately recreate that form.  Although I am very capable in all forms of ceramic processes and/or applications, the majority of my work runs along the lines of using the ceramic medium in order to communicate an idea through a three-dimensional format.  As with any medium, there are always limitations to the materials.  I take into account such limits and push them even further all the while attempting to exert some form of control or mastery over materials.  Loss of control generally results in some sort of collapse or failure, but occasional success gives me more patience and understanding to continue working in clay.  In short, I am not afraid to take risks and/or perhaps fail in my artistic endeavors.


Characteristics of Dada, Pop, and Funk are present in both my work and creative processes.  Humor was a large part of Funk Art, and is comparable to the level of humor in my own work.  Language, wit, and the visual pun are present, but equally matched by form.  Similar to Pop, I utilize forms that have associated meanings, thus giving me an opportunity to pick up where words leave off.  Though at times fun or novel, some works have considerations beneath the surface and sarcasm that are of a more serious nature.   I view and express my take on the world via humor, and alter meaning & context of objects & text by employing puns, intentional misspellings, and visual/literal (mis)interpretations.


The majority of works enclosed consist of my interpretation of specific ceramic vocabulary via visual puns and intentional misspellings.  I consider myself a “punner.”  Author, Walter Redfern defines punners as “intellectual do-it-yourselfers, verbal handymen, using whatever is ‘at hand,’ recycling odds and ends.”  I alter and connect pre-established associations of specific forms with text in order to communicate or express an idea.  I believe that artists, myself included, put themselves into their work and make our worldly experiences diverse and exciting. 

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